Emma Lindström: From Art to Wallpaper

Emma Lindström is an artist from Gothenburg, Sweden who has already held successful exhibitions in both America and across Europe. She is known for her unique style of colorful and abstract paintings that emerge from her artistic process of balancing both unpredictability and control. These works are each created based on her mood and the pure chance of where and how the paint moves. Emma’s art enhances the viewer’s visual senses and encourages the movement of energy. Furthermore, her artwork creates a meditative and therapeutic experience that brings the imagination to space and the universe. 

AURA Cosmogony


AURA Super Nova

Her new wallpaper collection AURA expands the accessibility and incorporation of art. The collection consists of 12 scanned acrylic paints that can be customized for wall murals, demonstrating Emma’s belief that wall murals can turn wallpaper to art and art into wallpaper. Incorporating her uplifting, dreamy, and hopeful art into your home enhances not only the aesthetics of a home, but also provides constant sources of inspiration and harmony. 

AURA Freshwater


AURA Esoteric

Another plus of Emma’s collection is that each wallpaper is made with sustainable material that are environmentally friendly and PVC-free.  

Be sure to check out the AURA collection on Photowall and Emma Lindström’s other platforms including her own website, Instagram, Youtube, and more. 


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