Monthly Archives: August 2019

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Jessica Hagen: “It is my privilege to fail, it means I am trying things and growing”

Jessica Hagen is a Canadian artist known for her light-filled, peaceful, and captivating oil paintings. Her artwork is influenced by the freedom of nature, brilliance of light, and rustic beauty. When Jessica is not painting, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and hockey. A motto that Jessica goes by is that is is her “privilege to fail” because it means that she is “trying things and growing”.

“Memories in the Making”: Art Facilitator Training

This summer the ATAS team had the honor and pleasure of attending a “Memories in the Making” Art Facilitator Training. Developed by Selly Jenny in 1988, “Memories in the Making” is the signature art program of Alzheimer’s Orange County for people with dementia that focuses on creative expression as a form of communication. Today, “Memories in the Making” is offered in over 20 U.S. states and 4 countries.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Lucy Jennings: “Do your best!”

Lucy Jennings is an East London based artist known for her fun, groovy, colourful, and positive digital illustrations. Her artwork is influenced by nostalgia, drag queens, the 70s, Dr Seuss, food, Wes Anderson, cartoons, Lizzo, and Hubba Bubba. Lucy is also inspired by other designers and she follows hundreds of illustrators on Instagram, as surrounding herself with good design has always been a great motivator. When Lucy is not drawing, she enjoys going to drag shows, visiting film and fashion exhibitions, and traveling around Europe. A motto that Lucy goes by is to “do your best”. Like many creatives Lucy is often hard on herself and her work, so she believes that it’s nice to remind herself that all she can do is her best, that her best is good enough.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Adrienne Anderson: “Enjoy the little things in life”

Adrienne Anderson is a Virginia-based artist known for her whimsical, playful, and colorful watercolor and colored pencil illustrations. Her artwork is influenced by her childhood memories, her daughter, and dreams. When Adrienne is not drawing, you can find her playing card games, watching movies, and trying new foods. A motto that Adrienne lives by is to “enjoy the little things in life”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Andrea Manzati: “Never give up”

Andrea Manzati is an Italian artist known for his simple, geometric, and colourful digital illustrations. His artwork is influenced by nature. When Andrea is not drawing, he enjoys watching movies, listening to music, running, and hiking. A motto that Andrea goes by is to “never give up”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Ariel Sun: “Work hard, be nice, and great things will happen”

Ariel Sun is a Brooklyn-based artist known for her vibrant, dramatic, and minimalistic digital illustrations. Her artwork is influenced by her travels, relationships with different people and the world around me, and how light interacts with objects and surfaces. When Ariel is not drawing, you can find her traveling, reading, and brewing kombucha. A motto that Ariel lives by is to “work hard, be nice, and great things will happen”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Caitlin Bell Alexander: “Progress is not linear”

Caitlin Bell Alexander is an Austin-based artist known for her warm, lively, and empowering digital illustrations. Her artwork is rooted in a midcentury influence, through the lens of a modern existence. Caitlin is also inspired by observations of daily life and small wonders in the world around us. When Caitlin is not drawing, she can be found reading and treasure-hunting in thrift stores, as her love for thrift shopping has recently developed into a passion for ethical fashion. A motto that Caitlin lives by is that “progress is not linear”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Marta García Navarro: “Nothing’s certain and everything possible”

Marta García Navarro is a Spanish artist known for her colorful and positive digital illustrations. Her artwork is influenced by Disney and nature. When Marta is not drawing, you can find her traveling and surfing. A motto that Marta lives by is that “nothing’s certain and everything possible”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Kasturi Roy: “Empowered women, empower women”

Kasturi Roy is a New Delhi based artist known for her bright, therapeutic, and fluid watercolour illustrations. Her artwork is influenced by nature, what she reads, and her favorite songs. When Kasturi is not painting, she enjoys brand strategy, listening to music, and consuming content. Kasturi believes that “empowered women, empower women”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Anna Kuptsova: “Done is better than perfect”

Anna Kuptsova is a Moscow-based artist known for her serene, vivid, romantic, and thought-provoking digital art. Her artwork is influenced by her favorite music, photographs and works of twentieth century artists, sci-fi books, and cinematography. When Anna is not drawing, you can find her riding a bicycle, reading, watching a sci-fi movie and Netflix documentaries, or playing a video game. Anna believes that “done is better than perfect” because people are usually afraid to start something new.