[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Rossiel Rivero Scuccimarri: “Live the story you want to tell”

Rossiel Rivero Scuccimarri is a Venezuelan artist based in Seville known for her cheerful, colorful, and peaceful digital art. Her artwork is influenced by the colors and forms of nature, the strength and delicacy of women, as well as memories from her childhood in Venezuela. When Rossiel is not drawing, she loves going to the beach and collecting snails that she finds along the way. She also loves learning new languages and knowing new cultures that gives her a new perspective of life. Rossiel does not have a specific motto because she thinks that life is slowly revealing different phrases related to experiences that mark us, but her current motto is to “live the story you want to tell”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Kiri: “Determination drives us to great success and immense satisfaction”

Kiri is a Filipina artist known for her bright and pastel digital art. Her artwork is influenced by what she observes in nature. When Kiri is not drawing, she enjoys writing and designing. A motto that Kiri goes by is that “determination drives us to great success and immense satisfaction”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Kirsten Davis: “Growth is a process; appreciate each little step, and your moment will come”

Kirsten Davis is a British artist known for her floral, colourful, and peaceful acrylic paintings. Her artwork is influenced by the environment, light, and colour. When Kirsten is not painting, she enjoys reading, yoga, and drinking tea. A personal motto that Kirsten lives by is that “growth is a process; appreciate each little step, and your moment will come”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Rachel Gould: “Don’t stop doing what you love!”

Rachel Gould is an Australian artist known for her detailed and realistic coloured pencil artwork. Her artwork is influenced by nature and challenging herself to draw photographs as realistically as she can. When Rachel is not drawing, she enjoys traveling and acting. Rachel’s personal motto is to “don’t stop doing what you love”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Julian Gariba: “Never give up”

Julian Gariba is an American artist known for his colorful and intricate digital art. His artwork is influenced by anything from sci-fi movies to comic books. When Julian is not drawing, he enjoys video games, watching Netflix, and sports. Julian’s personal motto that he lives by is to “never give up”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Miriam Presas: “One day a professional, forever a student”

Miriam Presas is an American artist known for her soft, warm, and blocky digital 2D art. She is influenced by other artists, as she is constantly amazed by the diversity in styles, interpretation, and delivery, and likes to try what she sees in her own artwork. When Miriam is not drawing, she enjoys PC games, arcade games, and worldbuilding. A personal motto that Miriam lives by is “one day a professional, forever a student”.

[ATAS Artist Spotlight] Melinda Magyar: “There is always space for dessert”

Melinda Magyar is a Hungarian artist known for her colorful and sassy digital art. Her artwork is influenced by her mood and the people around her. When Melinda is not drawing, she enjoys running and social psychology. One of Melinda’s personal motto is that “there is always space for dessert”.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and eventually the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. In most people with Alzheimer’s, symptoms first appear in their mid-60s. Estimates cary, but experts suggest that more than 5 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s.

Emma Lindström: From Art to Wallpaper

Emma Lindström is an artist from Gothenburg, Sweden who has already held successful exhibitions in both America and across Europe. She is known for her unique style of colorful and abstract paintings that emerge from her artistic process of balancing both unpredictability and control. These works are each created based on her mood and the pure chance of where and how the paint moves. Emma’s art enhances the viewer’s visual senses and encourages the movement of energy. Furthermore, her artwork creates a meditative and therapeutic experience that brings the imagination to space and the universe.

Art Therapy: Improving the Quality of Life

With no cure in sight, the families of Alzheimer’s sufferers must find ways to delay the loss of memories and function. Many are turning to art therapy to hopefully give back what the disease has taken away. Participating in art therapy classes can stimulate the brain and senses to trigger dormant memories and encourage conversation.