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What does ATAS stand for?

ATAS stands for Art for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Sufferers. Many do not like to call those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as patients because usually a patient will receive treatment and recover. At this time there is no cure for Alzheimer’s but hopefully this will change one day.

How do you pronounce ATAS?

ATAS is pronounced as the letter “A” and then “TAHS”, so “A-TAS”.

How do you raise funds?

We mainly raise funds through our digital art fair and shop. In both cases, our ATAS artists are offered a commission for the licensing of their selected artwork.

What do you with the raised funds?

The raised funds from our art fair and shop are used to support one of the most well-known art treatment programs for Alzheimer’s sufferers, called Memories In the Making. This program is led by several Alzheimer’s organizations in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Colorado, Wisconsin, and more.

The goal of our art fair and shop is to raise funds to introduce this program to more communities. For example, using the supplies recommended, the average start-up cost for suppliers for 10 people is $120. The more funds that we raise, the more art treatment programs can be initiated and continued to be supported for Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Please note that we are currently in the process of applying for a 501c(3) status for a more transparent nonprofit operation.


Am I considered as an artist?

If you enjoy making art as a hobby or profession, then yes you are an artist. At ATAS we’d like to welcome all artists whether they are students, professionals, or just enjoy art in their free time https://ed-hrvatski.com.

Are there any fees to join ATAS?

No, we do not have any membership fees.

How can I become an artist for ATAS?

All you need to do is sign-up here. When you sign-up, you will be asked to submit a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 digital copies of your artwork, as well as some information about yourself (such as your social network links) so that you and artwork will be easily accessible and visible.

Do I need to send you my original artwork?

No, we just ask for digital copies of artwork from our artists. Afterwards, we will feature the art on our website.

As an ATAS artist, what are my expectations and responsibilities?


  • Promotion of you as an artist and your artwork on our website
  • An introductory blog post about you and your artwork after a short interview
  • More opportunities to network to other artists in the world
  • A chance for more exposure through our art fair and shop


  • Creating your account on ATAS by submitting digital copies of your artwork as well as more information about yourself
  • If you decide to participate in our art fair and/or shop, we would like to license your selected artwork to raise funds to expand art therapy programs

Art Fair & Shop

If I participate in the art fair/shop, will I still own the copyrights to my artwork?

Yes. ATAS artists will always own the copyrights to their artwork. We will only ask for your permission to license your selected artwork to raise funds during our art fair or in our shop.

What is my role in the art fair/shop as an ATAS artist?

Our goal through our art fair and shop is to both raise funds and to promote our ATAS artists and their work. If you choose to participate in our art fair/shop, you will be asked to license selected artwork to raise funds.

ATAS artists do NOT share the costs of production and shipping. Rather, we will offer participating artists commission per licensed artwork as a thank you for their participation.

Can I continue selling my art in my own shop?

Whether you decide to participate in our art fair and/or shop, please feel free to start or continue selling your work.

Does my artwork have to be Alzheimer's related? Do I have to create something new?

No. As long as you support our cause, your artwork does not have to be Alzheimer’s related, any one of your existing artwork would be perfectly fine!

While we would love to see any new artwork that you create, it is absolutely not required to create a new piece.