Northwood Student’s Nonprofit Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Through Art

Published on Irvine Community News & Views

PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 | Irvine Community News & Views

Northwood High School student, Angie Park, is passionate about art. From an early age, art was an important aspect of Angie’s life because both of her grandmothers were artists. Together, they shared a love of art and the creative process.

Unfortunately, in 2009, one of her grandmothers was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Since the initial diagnosis, Angie’s grandmother has lost the ability to speak, talk, and eat on her own.

Angie spent considerable time researching what Alzheimer’s was and what she could do to help her grandmother. During her research, Angie stumbled upon art therapy and its success with Alzheimer’s patients who were once artists…

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